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Spirit Design

Spirit Design is an internationally leading strategic design company. Headquartered in Vienna, we have also operated a subsidiary in Brazil since 2013. This success was made possible because we have always stayed true to our vision in our more than 20-year history.
Our team of consultants and designers helps clients from selected target sectors to become fit for the future. We accompany them in the development and implementation of the key strategies of innovation and branding, enabling them to sustainably master future challenges. We create visions and turn them into reality in cooperation with our customers. The inherent power of these visions is unfolded as intelligent products or services and innovative business models experienced in emotional brand worlds.
The integrative approach encompassing strategic consulting and design not only benefits our customers. We continuously measure the impact of our work by evaluating whether it makes a meaningful and valuable contribution for consumers, society and the environment.

Georg Wagner

Managing Partner Strategic Consulting

Georg’s interest has always been aimed at product development, which is why he began studying at the faculty of engineering after high school. He later transferred to the university of economics in Vienna to begin focusing more on the specific field of marketing. He wrote his thesis on management innovation, befitting his coinciding interests in marketing and technology. Already as a student, Georg built his own surfboards and so was already involved in product design. One of the first ideas he sought to materialise was a pair of sunglasses with exchangeable frames for expensive, top-quality lenses. The innovative glasses never achieved maturity for serial production, but the project was still an important keystone: it led directly to the acquaintance with one of his current partners, designer Daniel Huber.

In 1993, after founding the company Spirit Design, Georg explored the market and prepared a far-reaching market study, which would lay the foundation for the company’s positioning in the market for years to come.

In 1994, Georg founded the music and entertainment label ‘Sunshine Enterprises’ with several like-minded people. Due to its distinctive market positioning, the label remains to this very day a successful enterprise. The brand ‘Sunshine Enterprises’ runs the famous Viennese hotspot ‘Passage’ as well as a record label and the radio station ‘Superfly Radio’. A further marketing concept in the music industry for the famous Viennese label Soul Seduction Distribution was also successfully created.

As Managing Partner in Strategy, Georg Wagner was able to consult numerous clients in the development of their marketing strategy in the years that followed. The City Airport Train, CAT, is just one example of a client that Georg worked with, and is one that has experienced continued growth in the passenger’s popularity since it first opened in 2003.

In 2006 Georg developed the training course ‘management of innovation processes’, which works through the innovation process by means of tried-and-tested theory and examples, with the assistance of an interdisciplinary team of coaches.

As of 2006, Georg is also speaker for the Creativwirschaft Austria and as such he is responsible for their development strategy.


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